Small Groups

Our small groups are open to everyone and provide a support to those of us journeying in our Christian life. We meet once a week and spend time studying, reflecting on and sharing our walks with God. There’s usually a lot of laughter, encouragement, and genuine fellowship.




Effective Prayer


More 'Good Soil Seed'


Pastoral Care



There are five aspects which focus our time together:

Testimony – Engaging with our Sunday teaching

Effective Prayer – Focussed prayer on group members and local outreach

More ‘Good Soil Seed’ – Bible study and discussion

Pastoral Care – Implementing appropriate and supportive ways for everyone to be cared for

Outreach – Learning how we, as a group or individually, can reach out to those around us.

Each group has their own evening, so please get in touch for more details if this is something you want to get involved with and we’ll get you matched with a group as soon as possible.