Recent Sermons

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Here are some recent sermons

All are by Pastor Dave Landers unless indicated  


      19.5.2019         Hospitality (D Perrin)                                            Click here to listen

     12.5.2019          Guest Speaker (M Bewes)                                      Click here to listen


Easter 2019     

     21.4.2019          Behold The Lamb - Easter Sunday                          Click here to listen

     19.4.2019          Behold The Lamb - Good Friday                              Click here to listen


Matthew's Gospel     

      5.5.2019          Treasures In Heaven (Mt 6v19-24)                         Click here to listen

    28.4.2019          Prayer and Fasting (Mt 6v5-18) (C Landers)            Click here to listen

    14.4.2019          Giving to the Needy (Mt 6v1-4) (B Ford)                 Click here to listen

      7.4.2019          Adultery and Divorce (Mt 5v27-32)                        Click here to listen

     31.3.2019         The Extra Mile Life (Mt 5v33-42)                           Click here to listen

    17.3.2019          Love for Enemies (Mt 5v43-48) (R Cantrell)            Click here to listen

    10.3.2019          Fullfilment of the Law/Murder (Mt 5v17-26)         

     3.3.2019           Salt and Light (Mt 5v13-16)                                    Click here to listen

   23.2.2019           Beatitudes (Mt 5v10-12) (H Tucker)                       Click here to listen

   17.2.2019            Beatitudes (Mt 5v7-9)                                            Click here to listen

   10.2.2019            Beatitudes (Mt 5v4-6)                                            Click here to listen

    3.2.2019            Beatitudes (Mt 5v3) (D Perrin)                               Click here to listen

   20.1.2019            Following & Fishing (Mt 4v18-25)                            Click here to listen

   13.1.2019            Testing! (Mt 4v1-17)                                                Click here to listen

    6.1.2019             Prepare The Way Of The Lord (Matthew 3)           Click here to listen


     New Year Ahead!

30.12.2018             Walking Into 2019 (Jo Crick)                                  Click here to listen

16.12.2018             The Bride of Christ                                                 Click here to listen


    Christian Personal Relationships Course 

  7.10.2018             CPR1 - Learning to Love One Another                      Click here to listen

14.10.2018             CPR2 - Outdo One Another in Showing Honour       Click here to listen

21.10.2018             CPR3 - Speech That Builds Up                                Click here to listen

2.12.2018                          Encouragement (Ray Cantrell)                      Click here to listen

4.11.2018               CPR4 - Forgiveness (to be uploaded)                        Click here to listen

11.11.2018              CPR5 - Working Out Conflicts                                 Click here to listen

18.11.2018             CPR6 - Giving and Receiving Correction                    Click here to listen

25.11.2018             CPR7 - Relationships and Emotions                           Click here to listen


    The Lord's Prayer 

9.9.2018                Part 1 (David Perrin)                                               Click here to listen

28.10.2018             Part 2 (David Perrin)                                              Click here to listen


     Mid-Summer/Autumn 2018

15.7.2018               God speaks to us? (David Perrin)                            Click here to listen

22.7.2018              Hear and Do                                                           Click here to listen

12.8.2018               Securing our time with the Lord                             Click here to listen

19.8.2018               Membership - The Church                                      Click here to listen

26.8.2018              The fear of the Lord                                              Click here to listen

2.9.2018                 Looking Ahead                                                       Click here to listen

16.9.2018               Sowing Seed                                                          Click here to listen

23.9.2018               Harvest (Brian Ford)                                             Click here to listen

30.9.2018              The Presence of God                                              Click here to listen


   The Christian Life - Four 'Spokes Of The Wheel'

 8.7.2018              Bible Reading / Bible Study                                     Click here to listen

 24.6.2018             Prayer / Worship                                                    Click here to listen

 1.7.2018               Community / Fellowship                                           Click here to listen

 8.7.2018               Service                                                                   Click here to listen


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